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 Agrotransform Composition

Production| Strength/ Weakness| Explanation| Corrective action| Overall flexibility in creation (they operate on several amounts from increasing to advertising selling). | Strength| They will don't rely upon suppliers. Excessive degree of freedom in development, they can that by parts or the whole turkey. They supply a complete variety of meat. |  | Ability to produce 60 000 turkeys per week| Weakness| Competition produce more proficiently than Agrotransform (110 000 Loads for the leader and 76 000 for the followers)| The company has to create more. To achieve this, it should finance through buyers in order to acquire new machinery and labor. Moreover, the company has to find internal methods to make job more efficient| In Sept. 2010 2009, elevated production capability by fifty percent ( within the last 3 years their very own production was stable)| Strength| This presents 6500 extra tons which could be exported|  | Delivery: Costs of transports| Weakness| Exporting with pallets basically interesting unless the amount is lower than 7 tons, costs are bigger, less competetivity, lower earnings. Logically the expenses for The japanese are a great deal higher than remaining in Europe, as it includes travel until Le Havre and after that maritime to Japan. | Only use pallets except if the amount is small and for short miles only. Pertaining to long distances there can be a great arragement of the bigger volume and cost negotiation| Contemporary packaging equipment| Strength| Permits a more rapidly handling and distribution with the product. Fresh machines save time and load up in a more fragile way than hand-packing. | �

Human Ressources| Strength/ Weakness| Explanation| Corrective action| Not enough language skills| Weakness| Not being able to communicate in a language with the clientele is a hurdle to export| Make a little investment in language courses for the employees or export assistant| 210 employees| Strength| This reveals it is a SME enterprise as we are conscious of the need for SME's since great...