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This example of the Advantages Section of the company Report is usually provided being a guide to the writing common and style needed. This intro would get a high go level indicate. Please note that students might not exactly copy this kind of work nevertheless must write their own. Except for Stair and Reynolds these references are generally not the most common therefore it is expected that students will do their own exploration for the literature review.

Business Survey

1: Intro:

This business report examines the use of information systems within the decision making operations of DASAR Pizza Retail store, located in Blacktown, Sydney. This kind of research investigates the gathering of data, the processing with this data in useful information and the usage of this information in the short and long-term decisions of the organization. These decisions dictate the business processes, the standard of the product and the performance of staff which, in turn, influence competitive benefits in an industry which is well populated and aggressive in marketplace rivalry. An examination of the details system findings will bring about recommendations for changes to the system which might improve the overall performance of the system with resulting impact on data quality and availability, additional assisting in improved decision making. This, subsequently, may lead to improved competitive benefits for the enterprise.

1 . 1 Information Systems: Literature Review

Information systems (IS) are defined simply by UKASIS because " the means by which will people and organisations, using technologies, collect, process, retail store, use and disseminate information” (1999, p1). Within the business environment this could be aligned carefully with computer technology with the term ‘computer primarily based information systems' (CBIS) used in both research and organization fields (Khazanchi and Bjorn, 2000). IS USUALLY can be both equally manual; with individuals undertaking all or most of the activities, or automatic; where technology works generally independent of human participation (Stair and Reynolds, 2010). They emphasize that for most organisations the IS is a mixture of these kinds of with some activities highly computerized, such as these in inventory control by using a Transaction Digesting System and barcode checking, while others remain primarily people focused, including staff separately counting rack items in a manual stock-take. Bruno recognized these two ends of the variety stating that " organization purposes happen to be achieved through coordinated work to be carried out by using two sorts of activities: customer tasks and automatic procedures” (2009, p17). Stair and Reynolds (2010) and Seeker (2010) see that although Is generally include a lot of automated computer technology the development processes of the IS and decision making using the resultant information must contain management level input.

The effectiveness of IS within an organisation is definitely dependant not only of the money and effectiveness of the technology but , more importantly, on how the technology helps and improves the goals and objectives in the business ( Stair and Reynolds, 2010; Ormanidhi and Stringa, 2008). Bruno (2009) emphasises that people's understandings and participation and the business strategic path are the primary factors in successful business IS and that a successful IS USUALLY is a key component in organisational success.

1 . three or more Methodology

This research was undertaken over a period of nine weeks and involved site appointments to FONEM Pizza Shop, interviews while using owner, supervisor and two senior staff, as well as observation of the techniques of the business operation. The interviews while using manager occurred over a three week period and queries were produced based on declaration and on the responses to previous discussions.

As part of the check out some of the generated reports from your organisation's IS USUALLY were looked at and will be talked about in the report but as a result of confidentiality the reports are not replicated within their entirety. Cases have been created with generic info to demonstrate the...

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