Cloud Computing Essay




1 . History3

2 . Introduction4

3. Real World App 5

three or more. 1 . Dropbox5

3. 2 . Google Docs5

3. three or more. Microsoft Workplace 3656

3. 4. AutoCAD WS7

Upcoming Trends9


Reference: 15

1 . Background

Cloud Computer was first presented in the 1960s by John McCarthy, He wrote, " computation may someday be structured as a public utility. ”1

The first group to put into action that idea was SalesForce. com in 1999 they present the concept of being able to access and using Enterprise Program through the use of the net. 2

In 2002 Amazon started Amazon online marketplace Web Solutions, providing software program as storage space, computation as well as human intelligence. But the the case commercial assistance from Amazon open to everybody only launched on 2006 Amazon Supple Compute Cloud. 3

In 2006 Google launched Google Paperwork; with this kind of launch by simply Google it offers the public a sense of awareness. some

2009 Yahoo, the key level that alterations the development of impair computing, features Google Apps. 5

2009 onwards Microsoft, Oracle and many other companies joined in and started various services. 6th

From this we all clearly notice that cloud computing evolution started in the overdue 1990's since it is due to the usage of the internet velocity, as the existing internet providers capable in providing quicker internet even on Cellular phone such as technology 4G the Cloud Computing allows everybody with internet access easier. installment payments on your Introduction

Cloud computing can be applied to practically everyday life, just like collaboration work like software program development, no more the need to send email to each other with the coding files you have edited or perhaps FTP up and down. Cloud Computer provided ease to the users as it will auto download or upload the updated data that ever computer is attach to it, case DropBox.

The Cloud in " Impair Computing” can be described as term which will we usually refer to the net as the web and its system is so intricate therefore making use of the word cloud is to some degree easier for any person to understand that.

Figure 2‑27

Users are able to use a lightweight computer's desktop or laptop to device use of the world wide web and Net browsers useful to them applications that want heavy digesting. This helps users to spend much less on their real hardware, hence helping businesses to save money, using a lighter configuration of their computing hardware it is going to lead to lower power ingest and also can help in keeping the earth and saving money. a few. Real World App

3. 1 . Dropbox

Figure 3‑38

The Dropbox is a totally free service which supplies users to automatically access their data files, photos and videos anywhere. Dropbox is going to automatically conserve the record from the user's computer, portable or even the dropbox website, and dropbox will sync with the devices that it connected to it and download the documents. So all the files will be the same latest upgrade, and the consumer can get the documents anywhere. being unfaithful

3. installment payments on your Google Documents

Figure 3‑410

Google released their service to the public about 2006, this allows the public users to create, collaborate and share their very own documents real-time11 over the employ Google's service with the requirements of Internet web browser and Net connection. No longer has got the need to operate by sending documents using emailed pertaining to collaboration. This enables users to work more efficiently as everything is in the Yahoo Docs server. Google Documents also has a chance to allow users to choose all their collaborators12 and who can perspective their papers. This allows security to the writer of the document before they will release the document. 13

3. 3. Microsoft Office 365

In 19 Oct 2010 Microsoft company introduced the cloud based office production tools aim to businesses increase productivity. That bringing together the best of Ms has to offer in the Microsoft Office 365, which has its SharePoint, Exchange, Lync and the traditional office efficiency tools. 18 Users will require Web Browsers and an Internet...


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