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Madonna stardom has been relying on a strategy where she has positioned herself mainly as a design leader and a love-making symbol although continually keeping the public eyesight through reform her image.

First, Madonna's look and manner of gown, performances and music videos, started to be influential between young girls and ladies. Defined simply by lace surfaces, skirts above Capri pants, fishnet stockings, jewelry bearing the Christian crosses, and bleached hair, it became a female fashion trend in the 1980s through out the world and they still admire her sense of fashion.

Second, Madonna dresses provocatively and sings suggestive lovemaking lyrics. Her album Erotica Madonna was timed to get release with her controversial book entitled Sex, was brought out late in 1992. The book immediately was a best seller and sold over one million clones and it probably is an instant hit with her fans. As a result, using love-making as a traffic generation because she knows that sells.

Madonna's strategy has been successful mainly because she is one of the best known ladies around the world, the girl with one of the greatest earning female Entertainers on the globe, and the lady continues to transform her image. Her accomplishment is the result of her individual efforts, which she has aimed her own career by simply surrounding very little with a wide range of talented performers, dancers, and so forth, the use of faith based and sex musical designs, but more so the latter plus the use of technology to make up for her weaknesses as a great entertainer. In addition, she used television and music videos creatively to promote herself worldwide. Madonna proceeded to discovered her personal entertainment business, Maverick, that includes a record business (Maverick Records), a film development company (Maverick Films), and in addition music posting, television, promoting and book-publishing divisions, which is all a joint venture eventually Warner. she even went on to do some acting. We all will always see a large amount of her and a new reinvented image.