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 Controlling My own Temper Dissertation

Controlling my temper

Many people are able to control all their anger, unfortunately I often let my own out, for example by banging doors and yelling in the people around me. A method I try to prevent an explosion by happening is by attacking a thing that needs washing, in fact nearly every neat cabinet and neat drawer in the house owes the orderliness to just one of my own bad feelings. Another technique I have for working off my anger is working. When I i am about to amplify I placed on my running sneakers and pound the highway for several kilometers. When my family sees myself lacing up my sneakers everyone stands clear, they already know I'm such as a stick of dynamite with its fuse lit. Cleaning and running are positive techniques I cope with anger, on the other hand I enjoy one unfavorable way as well, which is ingesting. When I avoid want to wash or in the event that its pouring outside I actually head for the kitchen. I draw a ticket of ice cream out of the freezer and eat the complete liter when holding the dripping textbox in my palm, or mixing up some chocolate chip cookie bread. When the cookies come out of the oven I guard these people jealously and eat them all one by one. Following an ingesting binge I actually don't truly feel as fatigued or cleansed as I carry out when I run or clean, instead I am frustrated and feel disgusted with myself. I am presently trying to stay with my great anger control methods. We don't wish to gain any more weight. In addition , I no longer want to anger routine by getting angry with myself. It can be difficult to struggle with anger, butI know I must.