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 Republic Act 7836 Filipino Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994 Essay

Republic Act 7836

Philippine Teachers Professionalization Work of 1994

AN ACTION TO STRENGTHEN THE REGULATION AND SUPERVISION IN THE PRACTICE TRAINING IN THE THAILAND AND PRESCRIBING A LICENSURE EXAMINATION INTENDED FOR TEACHERS AS WELL AS FOR OTHER PURPOSES. Sec. seventeen.  Issuance of Certificate of Registration and Professional License.  — The registration of any professional tutor commences from your date his name is enrolled in the roster of specialist teachers. Every single registrant that has satisfactorily met all the requirements specified from this Act shall, upon repayment of the subscription fee, be given a certificate of sign up as a specialist teacher bearing the full term of the registrant with dramon number and date of issuance fixed by the chairman of the Commission and the chief, vice-chairman, and members with the Board, placed with the recognized seal, because evidence the person named therein is entitled to practice the occupation with all the rights and benefits appurtenant thereto. The license shall continue in full power and effect until taken, suspended and revoked relative to law. cralaw A professional certificate signed by the chairman with the Commission and bearing the registration quantity and day of issuance thereof and the month of expiry or renewability shall likewise be given to every registrant who has paid the total annual registration charges for three (3) consecutive years. This license shall serve as evidence which the licensee can lawfully practice his career until the termination of its validity. Securities and exchange commission's. 18.  Oath Before Practice.  — Just about every registrant should be required to take his specialist oath prior to practicing as being a professional educator. Sec. nineteen.  Periodic Worth Examination of Instructors.  — To encourage ongoing professional growth and development and to offer additional basis for merit promotion, furthermore to their overall performance rating, instructors may take an oral and written exam at least once in five (5) years since basis for merit advertising. In choosing this exam, no cost shall be essential. Sec. twenty.  Failure to Pass the Advantage Examination.  — If a tutor fails to move the worth examination, he or she shall be permitted to take the assessment for a second time. Will need to he or she do not pass the merit examination for the second time, after that he or she will be required to take a DECS accredited refresher course or software before becoming allowed to retake the assessment. Failure of any long lasting teacher to pass the worth examination shall not, however , be used as a surface for his or her dismissal or demotion. Securities and exchange commission's. 21.  Incentives.  — Instructors who complete the value examination shall:    (a) Be honored a diploma of merit by Board;

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(b) Earn worth points intended for purposes of promotion in salary as well as to a higher position or level level; В В В (c) Always be placed in the priority list for authorities scholarship; and В В В (d) Enjoy such other benefits as could possibly be promulgated by the Board. Related incentives will probably be given to instructors who make inventions, develop new strategies of teaching, set a book or perhaps books and create functions of artistic merit. В В В

Sec. twenty two.  Integration in the Teaching Occupation.  — The teaching job shall be integrated into one nationwide organization which will shall be identified by the Board and the Commission as the one and only integrated and accredited connection of professional teachers. Upon registration with the Board, every single professional instructor shall be motivated to become a person in the included national corporation. Those who have been registered together with the Board tend to be not people of the explained integrated organization shall be allowed to register because members in the said bundled organization inside three (3) years following your effectivity on this Act. Account in the built-in organization will not be a tavern to membership rights in other associations of the educating profession. The professional teachers shall obtain the benefits and privileges appurtenant to their account in the said integrated...