Reward and Punishment a Motivator in Child’s Learning Essay

Reward and Punishment:

A Motivator in Childs Learning

Experimental Mindset

Psy six

Psychology Office

Prof. Thomas Tojerros

Tricia Mauriz At the. Manaman

3F3- BS Psychology


Operant health and fitness is one of the many ways of learning, which is built by the way of giving benefits and consequence in an individual. The type of conditioning that gonna be used with this experiment holds a specific behavior and outcomes, consequences could be either a prize or a abuse that could have an effect in learning. Praise and treatment are modulators of an person's performance.

In accordance to W. F Skinner, internal thoughts could help bring about learning, he thought that exterior factors may affect types learning capabilities and this individual considered this kind of behavior. His theory consists of only the external factors that could drive kinds learning capacities. There are rearrangements that were provided by M. F Skinner these are the positive and the bad reinforces. Confident reinforcement is known as a type of stimulus, which could encourage an individual to perform something once again because he will get a reward, the negative reinforces on the other hand is known as a move that could take you away from becoming punished. Punishment on the other hand have also two types namely, positive and negative punishments. Positive consequence is adding something which would impede an individual to perform a thing once again and the bad punishment can be removing a thing for an individual to learn.

Among the effective offers is a incentive; applicable in case the person is definitely interested in the reward (Marshall, Marvin, 2006) The logicality of having a thing that is worth the time and effort could be a basis for a person to job harder to aim a unique goal. Advantages could also be a feeling of acknowledgement it is a way of congratulating merit and showing a few appreciation.

College students are thought to associate all their consequences in mastering most of their particular behavior. The said effects if repeated over to a period of time may result to a behavior routine (Robb, 2003). It is also confirmed that a pleasurable consequence, which is the prize, is usually very much useful efficiency modifier as opposed to the unpleasant outcomes (Robb, 2003).

Advantages and consequence is being remarkably used today, because the technology of today won't make a move with out something that will benefit these people. Let us encounter the simple reality that everything nowadays is designed for free; anything is in exchange or well worth for some thing. You have to have a thing for someone to work and present better performance. This is how reward and punishment occurs. Reward and punishment can be found in different areas like house, offices and school. It looks used in various ways in order to encourage and stimulate people to function and to give it a best shot.

The purpose of this study is to prove that reward and consequence have an effect on learning, and could encourage students to accomplish well or not to do well in class. The goal of this analyze is to gauge the attentiveness, storage retention as well as the effectiveness of rewards in motivating the scholars to study their eagerness to learn.

The experimenter hypothesized that the academic performance of a child can be affected and motivated simply by rewards and punishments. II. METHODOLOGY

The experimenter is going to divide the participants in two teams, one that could be the experimental group and the other as the controlled group. The experimenter will independent the two distinct groups and definitely will make recommendations in a distinct time too.

The experimenter will provide the procedure and explain a few topic, straightforward topic which will be understood by children right away. Aside from the same topic which will be explained by the experimenter, you will have an additional instruction that will be given to the manipulated group, which can be the incentive. The experimenter will notify the participants to listen diligently because there will be rewards if perhaps they response...


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