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 The Formation of Coastal Landforms Essay

The Formation of Coastal Landforms

Seaside landforms are formed in numerous different ways and may depend on a number of factors. The factors are things such as breeze direction rugged type and fetch of the waves about the landform. These types of factors all contribute to make distinctive landforms. This dissertation will be determining the ways through which these coastal landforms had been made Headlands and bays such as Beachy head on the south coast of England. Headlands and bays are often found on the same coastline. A bay is definitely surrounded by land on three factors, whereas a headland can be surrounded by drinking water on three sides. This because the composition are caused by rings of resistant and poor rock which when in touch with the discordant waves makes the soft rock erode much quicker to create bays. The Bay is made bigger by spray through the waves also causes chemical substance weathering around the cliffs with the soft ordinary. Refraction of waves from the headland, these waves drift inwards towards bay, these kinds of waves convey more of an influence on the less strong rock therefore it erodes quickly. Headlands are formed if the soft ordinary has retreated to form a these types of which leaves a headland sticking out in the water. We have a lot of erosion on these headlands as wave energy is concentrated with them. These dunes have more energy than those inside the bay as there is no shield from wind flow so the dunes have a longer fetch if they hit the headland. Ocean hit the headlands at right aspects which increase the power of the waves. A number of sub aerial processes can also affect the charge of erosion over a headland. The headlands in Beachhead are set up out of chalk. Though they are extremely resistant to waves and the makes of scratching and hydraulic action that are included in those dunes. The beachhead chalk coves are prone to sub airborne processes including acid rainwater. The formation of headlands allows many other coastal landforms to become created. Like the stack within the isle of Purbeck known as Old harry. This stack is formed once...