The Impact of Colonialism for the African Girl: Focus on the Moroccan and Kenyan Girl

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 The Impact of Colonialism on the African Woman: Focus on the Moroccan and Kenyan Female Essay

Topic: The impact of colonialism on the Photography equipment woman. –focus on the Moroccan and Kenyan woman


Creator: Oluwaseun Christine Addy


Colonization was obviously a big signal in Photography equipment history, impacting several different elements from traditions to faith. The rights and activities of women were also gravely afflicted during this period. During this time period the jobs, status and experiences with the African ladies once again shifted as it would during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Transact. In Kenya, Just like the effect of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Social required men were thrust on to the women, while the men went down in search of education and careers during colonization. In The other agents, women had been subdued for the roles of housewives because the strong influences of Islamic and Arabic lifestyle prevailed through the Spanish and French colonization of the region. This paper seeks to draw parallels and compare the experiences in the Moroccan and Kenyan females during the colonization period of these kinds of countries.

Chapter one particular


One of many goals of the United Place's Millennium development goals is improved educational options for women. This shows the value to which the world has placed on upgrading the status of the woman in the society. The african continent has not been omitted of the pursuit of this goal, as several African countries are trying to create similar opportunities for both genders. Liberia and Malawi possess led the way in this pursuit by having female presidents. However there are major problems about the progress with this goal or perhaps plan in most African claims such as Somalia, Morocco, Kenya and most countries in the Maghreb region. For instance, there is still evidence of the practice of female penile mutilation taking place in Kenya, while Morocco's constitution plainly states that a rapist could go scot-free if he agrees to marry his victim (although this is staying revised). Due to cultural and religious factors, there have been concerns that these countries are in reverse in terms of the progress of gender equal rights and women legal rights.

This paper would be focusing on both equally Morocco and Kenya. To completely understand the circumstance of women privileges and issues in these countries, it is important to study the elements that have affected their culture and history. One of the biggest phenomenons with an adverse effect on the culture and mindset on most African declares is colonization. Till particular date, the significant impact of colonization can still be seen in these countries; the two countries possess large difference between the proportions of well-informed men to women inside the population. Morocco's culture continues to be influenced simply by several different persons as they had been colonized by Arabs, People from france and Spaniards. Kenya however was simply colonized by British. This paper seeks to explore, evaluate and make clear the impacts of colonization on the situation and experience of the Photography equipment woman.

Chapter 2

Literature review

In the film, The Africans: Legacy of Lifestyles, females are referred to as caretakers of fireplace, water and earth (Mazrui). Over many years, the plight of ladies in African society has changed due to effect by other cultures as well as the time factor. The pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial Africa women have got and had several experiences, challenges and opportunities afforded these people based on the era these people were in.

The positive and negative impacts of colonialism had been felt by girls all over The african continent. From countries in East Africa just like Kenya all the way to Morocco in North The african continent several parallels and contrasts can be attracted with regards to the experience of women throughout the colonial period. Kenya was colonized by the British coming from 1890 to December 1963 when Kenya gained their independence. During this period, females in Kenya had a myriad of experiences and changes in status; economically,...

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