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Multiples compared to DCF examination Multiples examination is simple to know and apply. The advices for the multiple happen to be publicly readily available, though are vulnerable to accounting manipulation. As well, it is difficult to secure a truly equivalent large test of businesses. Multiples research is backward-looking, reliant on historical/current info to obtain many. It reflects relative worth rather than the intrinsic value which DCF value produces. DCF analysis builds an inbuilt value as it relies on data specific towards the firm. DCF analysis factors in time benefit of money, and therefore is a forward-looking measure. Yet , there is uncertainty in forecasting future profits, especially for exclusive firms and people firms that produce minimum cash goes. Assumptions of multiples analysis General assumptions of interminables analysis will be that the other firms in the market are similar to the firm being respected. The market, usually, prices these firms correctly, but makes errors around the pricing of individual stocks and shares. Exhibit two shows a selection of comparable businesses, assuming that these firms have a similar growth, risk and go back as Cox Communications. There is the supposition that economical fundamentals such as EBITDA will be defined identically in all companies, with the same accounting methods and confirming periods. Demonstrate 5 assumes a positive thready relationship among ROIC and the multiple Tweaked Enterprise Value/Average Invested Capital. Regression analysis and traditional multiples evaluation – similarities and differences The two analyses both foresee the actual value of the firm. As well, both regression 2

and multiples analyses reflect the past. The future worth of the firm is acquired using famous inputs. Both analyses assume that firms inside the same industry are identical. Traditional multiples analysis is far more arithmetic in the approach. It is based on locating the average multiple among identical firms, after which applying it for the firm's basic principles. How appropriate the value is depends on the degree of comparability of the companies in the industry. Regression analysis creates a statistical regression line of every comparable business's multiple resistant to the fundamentals that affect the value of the multiple. The Rsquared of the regression indicates just how well that multiple performs in the sector. After jogging the regression and establishing the multiple, then it is definitely applied to principles in order to arrive at a firm value price. Interpretation of regression results Martin's regression benefits produced a better share price of 50 dollars (see A1), indicating that shares were currently undervalued therefore Cox Marketing communications does have growth potential. Martin's heavy dependence on the discharge of the ROIC value is usually troubling. The 0. 8% seems to be a great arbitrary statistical projection. Virtually any inaccuracy in this projection might result in a misleading outcome. R-squared is 70 percent. The percentage deviation in ROIC cannot be totally explained by the variation in Adj. EV/Ave. Invested Capital. However , it can do tell us that ROICs certainly are a substantive conjecture of value. The linear marriage between ROIC and the multiple in the regression shows there exists a strong relationship. Martin's DCF analysis Martin's weighted expense of equity is 10. 5%. We have determined the cost of value to be 13. 61% (see A2) using a levered beta and a risk premium calculated more than a longer traditional period. Using the synthetic score method, after-tax cost of debt is some. 51% a few

(see A3), which is near to Martin's calculate. Thus, having a WACC of 12. 53% the share price turns into a more traditional $41. 75 (see A4). Martin's forecasted EBITDA regarding 16% appears high...

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